Are you feeling frustrated? Is your phone not working? Does your computer keep on crashing? Did you not get enough sleep? Or maybe you just lost your job, your cat died, or your heart broken.

Sometimes the best remedy for feeling frustrated is for a nice long walk. Leave your house or your office and just start walking. While you are walking try to breath as much as you can, nice and slow. Then get in a state of gratitude.

What are you grateful for? Your house, your life, your kids, your friends, your heart, your job, your heartbreak, her or him, your mom and your dad….

Look up into the sky, look at the beauty of life, the trees… the sun… the air…

We are so lucky to be experiencing this life…

Even the pain, it’s a gift, because it makes us stronger…

What is happiness. It depends on who you ask. As I get older my happiness seems to be evolving and I’m realizing that happiness has nothing to do with what we have, how much money we earn, or how much fame we achieve.

It’s much more simple than that. Happiness is doing what we love. Being with the people we love. Feeling gratitude for the life that we were given. Our ride on this rock is quick. Really quick. So let’s take this life and go for our love!

“Arthur C. Brooks”

And if you ask Oprah about happiness… she might say….

I have known since the moment I was on the set of The Color Purple in 1985 and watching Steven Spielberg, Quincy Jones, Alice Walker all work together and creating that film, something resonated in me that said, I want my work to feel like this. And so from that moment forward, I thought, I want to come to work every day feeling the way I felt every day when I was on set doing The Color Purple. So that feeling of being fulfilled, being satisfied, having meaning and enjoyment while you were doing it has followed me through. Now, I didn’t know that there was a science to that, but that’s how I’ve moved throughout my life since 1985.

I might say…

Happiness is being myself, me, and being honest with myself and the people around me. It’s going for my dreams. It’s loving life to the fullest. It’s about falling in love. Getting my heart broken. Making mistakes and then learning from them. It’s shedding the people that hold us down. It’s about getting to the point. It’s about my friends who lift me up. It’s about having a beer or two with the friends that don’t judge me even when I tell them a story of a boy who fell in love in the most complicated situations. It’s about following a feeling. It’s about trusting our guts, even when it tells you to tell someone you like them when you’re not sure what they will say. It’s about going on wild rides. It’s about traveling. It’s about kissing passionately while listening to Kygo or the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. It’s about dancing while Derrick Carter is djing at Smartbar. It’s about playing crosscourt games with the one you love. It’s about putting everything on the line and then losing it all and then picking up the pieces one by one. Because life is unpredictable, because I never want to be in a box anymore, because I am preparing myself for that second chance, that second encounter with the one I love.

Until then, let us keep on working extremely hard to find that happiness, to make us better, to make us stronger, to reach for the stars.

You are a special human being, there is no one out there that talks like you, walks like you, and thinks like you.

Be humble, be kind, and love yourself…

with love and gratitude,


just a little boy that loves to love, play tennis, and go for his dreams…

P.S. What brings you happiness?

please leave a comment below so that we could talk about it and it might actually help another.

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