I consider myself lucky because the last 8 years I’ve been around some of the best and I’ve learned a lot.

My friend Michael taught me that always be early and to stay calm under pressure, even when someone is trying to push your buttons because all they are trying to do is figure out if you can handle the heat.

I had another friend who taught me that always end on a good one, a good shot, a good run, just make sure it’s positive. Go for that extra one. Make that extra call until you are happy about the result.

My friend Casey, showed me how to have lots of energy and that smiling was always an option.

So when I say in order to be the best you must strive to be the best, this is what I mean.

It means that every day we need to strive to be the best that we can be, in that moment.

It means that when it comes to the tools that you are using strive to find the best and go buy them even if they may be a little more expensive. Now don’t get me wrong, don’t go buy a $250,000 car if you can not afford it. Stop wasting money on frivolous stuff and buy the stuff that is going to make you better.

It means that you will have to put in the extra hours and work your butt off to be the best, my friend also showed me that. She was relentless on the court, went after every ball.

It means that when it comes to competition, then make being the best a must, just like my friend Frank has shown me through the years, and when he loses he is gracious and says nice game, but during the match he will hit it right at your head. No hard feelings, it’s just a game.

And when all else fails, make sure you show nothing but kindness to your opponent, just like my friend Jerry has shown me for the many years I have been his friend.

Now, when you put all that together, you may not win, even Djokovic loses matches. You’ll end up being the best version of yourself. Because it’s in the journey where the true growth is. You’ll get the be the person you have always dreamed to be. So go out there, grab yourself some water, and get out there and start taking action. Start striving to be the best so that you can become the best version of yourself in life and in business!!!

If you need a little help in this I coach clients on being the best and we can walk through the steps. Email me and we can discuss how you’re going to crush it on the tennis court and life!

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