I once knew a girl that always found a way to win. No kidding.

How? Do you ask.

Well, cause she believed in herself. She believed that she was the best. And when it came to those moments, the crucial ones that determined the outcome, her belief brought her the strength to win the point.

Secondly, she always found a way to win by looking at what she won even though the score may have said differently. I played a game of beer pong against her. And although I made the last shot, she still won. She asked me, who got to drink more? That one took a minute but think about it. No matter what the score we can take a positive out of it and find a way to win.

Finally, we used to play baseline games, and although I’m her coach and my level of game was far superior, she never wanted me to give her any games. She wanted to earn it. No matter what the score was she always won because she kept on improving. And she also won because I became a huge fan of hers.

She taught me a lot even though I was the coach. And for that I will always be eternally grateful. She helped me be a better coach. Thank you!

So next time you go on the court, or in the business room, remember this, there is always a way for you to win.

  1. When you believe in yourself, you will find a way to win.
  2. Even if the score says other, you can always find a way you won. What did you gain?
  3. No matter what the score is, you will gain experience and improve.

Now take these lessons that I learned from that girl and use them on the tennis court or even in the board room. You have it in you to always win!

I believe in you,

Coach Greg

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