Have you ever come to the tennis court running behind a couple minutes and your partner is waiting for you? Or maybe you don’t really know how to warm up.

Well, I’ve got a routine for you, you can use it to warm up for tennis or you can use it to wake up from a roadtrip, or you can use it if you got food coma.

I learned this from Dr Kovacs . He has his own practice now, but for many years he was the head sports physiologist for the usta.

Dr Kovacs talks about doing dynamic stretching before you play and static stretching after. I use dynamic stretching every time I have to play during a lesson. Going from one lesson to the other I don’t have time to warm up like I would like to so I incorporate the movemtents as we are hitting. When I go grab a ball I do some high kicks. Walking back to the baseline I’ll do toe raises. When my student is getting a drink of water I’ll do high kicks and butt kicks. There is always time to get a warm in, you just might need to be a little creative. Here’s a couple of examples in the videos of what I do.

Or here is one that is more detailed…

That’s it.. feel free to reach out with any questions via gregkusnierz1@gmail.com

Coach Greg

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By GregK

  1. Great stretching tips…..do a few of those before playing but from now on will try to spend more time warming up using your examples….Many thanks, Joe.

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