When we are dealt a challenge the way we respond determines how we will respond. When faced with a challenge do you ask yourself

Why does this happen to me? or I can’t believe it, this always happens to me? or Nothing goes my way! or Life is hard…

The language we use will determine how we respond. When we make these statements I bet ya that the response will be not in our favor, unmotivated, and weak in results.

I offer you another opportunity to look at it this way…

I’m so glad this happened to me, now I can learn something from it. or Yes, I can believe this happened to me, everything in life is a gift. or Life is happening for us, lets go! or Wow, Life is a game, I’m having a the time of my life.

When we start to look at life the lattter, than magic starts to happen. We wake up at 4am or 2am and get that work done. We all of a sudden become lucky. And finally, everything always seems to work out.

How do you look at life?

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with love and gratitude,



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