I have a dream. I’ve always had this dream since I was a little kid. I want to be a millionaire. At first, I wanted to be a millionaire because of the money, the fame, and the glory. As I have grown, I have a different reason. I want to be a millionaire because of the man it will make me. The man that goes after his dreams. The man that doesn’t take no for an answer, unless it’s what’s best. The man that hits one more shot so that he can leave feeling happy about his performance. The man that is honest with what he really wants and the people around him. The man that kills them with kindness. The man that stays calm even in the thickest of events. The man that keeps moving forward until he gets what he dreams of.

So I decided that 2024 will be my year. I’ve set a goal of a million this year by June 1st. I’m not sure exactly how I will get there but I know that I a man on a mission. Because one holiday evening there was a spark that was lit under him. It turned my life upside down and I can never go back to what I was before. I must persevere because this means the world to me.

Here’s my plan. Star a business. A 3 part business

Part 1 – Coaching: Life and Health with a little tennis sprinkled in between. We will also offer training in a corporate and non corporate environment on Time Management, Emotional Intelligence, Coaching, Sales, and Motivation.

Part 2 – Zus Tennis: We will invest in the best company that makes rackets. Their whole goal is to help players play their best tennis. To give them a tool that will help them along the way not make it harder. There will be no expense saved as quality is important here. Nothing but the best for all of our players. A technician finishes each custom racket. It is a finely tuned machine just like a Ferrari or Corvette.

Part 3 – will be our blogging platform and then we will hit up all the social media platforms. We will become influencers so that we can help people with their life and health and with their tennis too. It is what I love. I am coach at heart and I deeply care about your well being. We will help the next generation get honest with themselves and the people around them so that they can finally have the courage to go after their dreams. We believe in you!!!

We will post weekly updates on this page so that you can see our progress.

Do you want to come along for the ride and see me hit my goal? Or maybe you just want to watch me fall flat on my face? Either way I’m putting a little box below for your email so that you can follow.