I once knew a girl that thought having a shirt worn by Djokovic would be really cool. She was a good friend so I promised her that I would get one for her. So now I am on a mission. I must get Djokovic’s shirt! I first tried messaging Djokovic but he did not reply. So I tried his wife Jelena, she also stayed quite. But you know what they are very busy people, I completely understand. Then I tried his coach Goran, he also did not say anything. They are very busy people. I understand that Mark Madden is his agent, so I want to get a hold of him but have yet to find him.

Do you know how I could get a hold of Mark Madden or Djokovic’s agent. I have a proposal for them. I will play Djokovic 2 out of 3 baseline games to 10 points. If he wins I will donate $1 million to his charity, and if I win, then I get the shirt off his back and a note for my friend.

If you can help please email me at or just send him this page.

Here’s a pic of what I’m talking about.

But Djokovic better watch out cause I’m a man on a mission and I want that shirt. He’s playing for money and I’m playing for love. And love always conquers. At least that’s what I believe. But you know what, I heard he’s a pretty cool guy so I think he would be up for the challenge. Some say he is the GOAT, but can he beat a club pro?

Good luck Djoker, you’re going to need it 😉

Djokovic vs Kusnierz, who wins?

If you’re interested in this story and want to keep up to date I’m leaving a little box below for your email. We’ll send you updates on the progress. Who knows maybe Djoker will crush my spirit. Or maybe I will walk away with the shirt. I have confidence it’s the latter. 🙂